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Our Products

Fire Fluid Technologies provides a comprehensive range of Clean Agent Fire Systems, spanning from In-Cabinet Micro Systems to Bulk Total Flooding Systems, making it the most extensive product line in the industry.



FFT-1230 Fire Protection Fluid - a highly effective and environmentally benign substitute for halon, designed to provide exceptional fire protection performance with the widest safety margin among all clean agents.

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Total Flood Systems

Total Flooding Systems are fully engineered systems created to provide full room fire protection for medium to large hazards. Data Centers and other locations containing critical electronic equipment are benefittted by the speed and reliability of the Fire Fluids UL designed, NFPA 2001 compiant technology.

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Micro Systems

The FFT ILP and DLP Micro Systems are the perfect solution for In-Cabinet special hazard protection. The heat sensitive tubing provides automated protection that does not require electricity, Server Cabinets, CNC Machines, and most other closed cabinet electronic environments can benefit from the reliable protection of the ILP and DLP systems.


Modular Systems

Modular Systems come assembled and ready to plug-and-protect. All components come conveniently mounted to a rack system.

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