Research & Development Team 

Pioneering Advances in Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Fire Fluid Technologies leads the industry in efficiency, cost savings and design capability that is backed with expert service and support. With a complete product line of systems approved by internationally recognized approval and listing agencies, a partnership with Fire Fluids assures that you are on the cutting edge of Clean Agent Fire Suppression. 

Our leading edge Research and Development team pioneered the 360 and 500 psi Total Flooding Systems that are now the industry standard, then improved upon that design by retrofitting it to the existing piping of the Halon systems that they were designed to replace.

They created Modular Systems that come ready to plug-and- play, no room piping or construction to worry about. They developed Micro Systems to protect everything from small server cabinets  to the electrical components in massive wind turbines. And they continue to develop and create new technologies to expand the enviromentally safe fire systems that protect your Critical Hazards.




Have a Unique Hazard?

 Partner with the Fire Fluid Technologies Research and Development Team to develop a system to protect your Special Hazard.Contact a FFT representative for more details.



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