Total Flooding Systems

The FFT-1230 Clean Agent Fire Protection System is a clean agent total flooding system. The cylinder valve assemblies are a pressure seated high flow rate design capable of rapid discharge times as specified by NFPA 2001 regulations. Each welded steel cylinder comes fully assembled with a brass discharge valve, Electric Solenoid Actuator, a Burst Disc safety device, Pressure Gauge, Discharge Outlet, and a Safety Recoil Plug. The cylinder valve assembly is factory filled in one pound increments and pressurized with dry nitrogen gas from 25bar (360psi) up to 42bar (610psi) storage pressure to meet the versatile demands of the end user. Individual nozzles allow for volume coverage up to 500m3.

The FFT-1230 systems has been designed and tested according to international standards and maintains international approvals according to NFPA 2001, ISO, and IMO.



• Longer Pipe Runs              

• High Flow Rate Valves       

• Remote Cylinder Location 

• Multiple Hazard Protection

• Welded Cylinder Sizes up to 345L Capacity





FFT's Brass Nozzles are designed for delivering rapid dispersal and thorough vaporization of the FFT1230TM Clean Agent inside of a protected space. FFT's Brass Nozzles are machines from high quality brass to give them additional corrosion resistance for use in marine environments. They are available for both Sidewall (180 degree) and Central (360 degree) dispersal patterns.


Pneumatic Actuator

The FFT 1230 Pneumatic Actuator is used to discharge the Clean Agent Fire Suppression Cylinder. This actuating option provides a scalable approach to discharge multi-cylinder arrangements. The air pressure required for this device to properly discharge the fire suppression cylinder valve is provided by the first cylinder valve assembly in a manifold which can be manually or electrically actuated.


Manual Actuator

The FFT 1230 Manual Actuator is used in tandem with the Pneumatic or Electric Actuator to provide a local back-up actuator for on-site manual discharge. When the plunger is pressed, this pin-fire actuator depresses a vent valve on the agent storage cylinder valve assembly and initiates immediate discharge



Electric Actuator

The FFT 1230 Electric Actuator is an essential component of the Clean Agent Fire SUppression System. When fastened to the cylinder valve, is provides the most rapid discharge capability on the market. The electric actuator is wired directly to a Fire Suppression Control Panel to allow for automatic hazard protection.

Explosion Proof Solenoid

The FFT 1230 Explosion Proof Solenoid is a durable and dependable option for use in clean agent fire suppression systems where the risk of explosions has been evaluated. This robust device is built to withstand a blast and remotely control the fire suppression system. This device requires an electrical current to initiate cylinder discharge.



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