Micro Systems: Direct (DLP) and Indirect (ILP)

The FFT Micro Systems are designed for In-Cabinet protection of special hazards, including electronics and data servers. Through the use of advanced Pneumatic Detection Tubing, the protection is both automatic and rapid, ensuring minimal damage and down time. 



Indirect Low Pressure System (ILP)

The FFT-1230 ILP is designed to meet the rapid discharge time (up to 10 seconds) in accordance with NFPA 2001. ILP provides partial and / or local flooding on single or multiple hazards.

Direct Low Pressure (DLP)

The FFT DLP Micro System is a Direct Automatic system that utilizes pneumatic detection tubing. At the designated temperature, the tubing ruptures and forms a nozzle right at the source of the heat, providing the most efficient protection available.


The nozzle controls the flow and distributes the FFT1230 Clean Agent into the hazard area. The FFT 1230 Micro System's uniques Nozzles are available in brass with 360 degree dispersal patterns; each nozzle has predetermined discharge orifices to meet the flow requirements of the pre-engineered systems.

Pneumatic Detection Tubing

The Pneumatic Detection Tubing is temperature sensitive and acts as a continuous linear thermal detector that ruptures at approximately 230F (110C), guaranteeing early detection and rapid extinguishment.


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