What Special Hazards do you need to protect?



Data Centers, Power Generation, Telecommunications, and Mining

Data Centers and server rooms are a vital part of running a modern company. Even a small fire in that part of a facility could halt productivity and devastate any business. Fortunately, Fire Fluid Technologies has designed systems to protect these delicate and indispensable assets. With Micro Systems that provide in-cabinet protection for smaller servers up to Total Flooding systems to protect large centralized data servie centers, FFT has an international approved system customized for your specific need.





The FFT-1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System is a 360psi or 500psi high pressure system that allows for the use of smaller cylinder sizes and less cylinders compared to traditional systems.  The system utilizes clean agent fire protection fluids which provide a low acute toxicity combined with a high extinguishing efficiency. 
The FFT-1230 system is designed to knock down fires quickly before they have a chance spread and disrupt productivity. The unique combination of these properties makes the FFT-1230 the best choice for offshore drilling, storage, and transportation vessels. It is an ideal choice for many special hazards applications where personal safety and maintaining continuity of operations are of vital concern.



Protecting Special Hazards in a marine environment requires special considerations. That's why Fire Fluid Technologies was the first to design and develop systems approved by the United States Coast Guard and FM Marine, as well as UL, ULC, FM, and CE.



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